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Cashmere Ponchos - New Summer Colours Now In!

cashmere Cashmere Ponchos poncho summer women'sponcho wool wool poncho yellow

This is a stunning colour for summer! Our primrose yellow cashmere and wool ponchos are sure to put a smile on your face when you reach out to wear one this summer. They are as bright and breezy as the summer sunshine and will keep you warm when the sun goes down. A perfect throw-over wrap for those summer evenings. Don't forget they pack-up so small and so brilliant for taking on holiday too!  

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The Good Samaritan in Nepal

Our manufacturer in Nepal is a really special person - he spent his Christmas and birthday with the homeless, and have no families, in Kathmandu,bringing gifts of winter jackets, hats, scarves, fruit and Horlicks! He said he loves to do this. Truly inspirational Kim! Find out more about what we do and how we help here  

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Cashmere from Gene Edited Goats

cashmere gene edited goats

Wow have a read at this article from New Scientist about Gene Edited Goats producing a third more cashmere than normal goats! Not sure what I think about that - other than aren't there other more worthwhile things to put effort and money into?

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New Autumn Cashmere Poncho Colours Now In Stock!

autumn brown Cashmere Ponchos poncho women'sponcho wool poncho

Great news! New colours for autumn cashmere ponchos now in stock! We're starting slowly but listing as fast as we can! Here's our first - a stunning cashmere poncho in chestnut brown Keep your eye on our autumn collection to be the first to see our new autumn colours!

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Summer Giveaway Competition

competition contest summer The Cashmere Crew

Hi there folks we're hotting up for another summer giveaway competition on Facebook. You could win one of our stylish & luxurious summer cashmere ponchos worth up to £59, perfect for cooler summer evenings (and days!) Make sure you like our Facebook page to get notification of when the contest starts

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