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The Many Uses of Wool

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Using wool to fix pathsYesterday I was taking advantage of a fine Good Friday (before the weekend's deluge) to visit Waun Fach, one of the peaks of the Black Mountains, near Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is a landscape of pHeather baleseaty bogs - doesn't sound too appetising but actually it is really pretty. Coming down from one of the smaller peaks we were met with a landscape full of what at first looked like great big haylage bales but which turned out to be rolls of heather, plus builders' bags full of sheep's wool and some sort of hessian netting.  

So that got us thinking about what was going on? We get used to seeing lots of bags with paving stones up in the mountains but this was something else. I have since beenNetting of hemp for fixing pavement track reliably informed that it stops the fine bits from being washed out of the path, also used as a geotextile by Victorian engineers to cross marshy ground. Apparently some railways are still running over it today! 

Anyway I love all kinds of textiles as well as cashmere and I just thought it was interesting and you folks might find it interesting too! It was like a giant weaving workshop on Bags of sheep's wool on top of the mountain top of the mountain. If you know of any other bizarre or useful uses for wool, I'd love to hear!









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