Nepal Earthquake 2015 Anniversary – The Cashmere Crew
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Nepal Earthquake 2015 Anniversary

Cashmere Ponchos Nepal The Cashmere Crew

Saturday 25th April 2015 is the anniversary of the Nepal earthquake.

Cashmere ponchos being made in Nepal

When the Nepalese earthquake left over 8000 people dead it left an already very poor country devastated. Tourism is the main provider of income for Nepal and the earthquake stopped people from visiting and buying from independent small businesses. A young man I had met whilst there, contacted me and asked if I could help. He sent me a huge box of cashmere blend ponchos and shawls to try and sell. Friends and families were very generous and every female had a cashmere poncho for Christmas! That was the beginning of The Cashmere Crew

Our excellent trekking guide for Everest base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp also saw his fledgling business destroyed. Fortunately it is now recovering as the country starts to reverse its fortunes. Fancy a mountain trek? Check out ExplorerAdventure or send me a message at

We are in a small way helping small cottage industries in Nepal get back on their feet with your help! That's why in your packaging you find leaflets for ponchos and trekking!

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