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Natural Un-dyed Cashmere Ponchos Now in Stock

Natural Un-dyed cashmere poncho in light brownMid brown natural cashmere ponchoSo excited! Just received my order of natural un-dyed ponchos direct from Nepal. I'm like a "kid in a candy store". I love opening boxes! That's why I make the wrapping of my ponchos so extra special. In fact I love the packing and packaging fullstop. I am always on the lookout to make something more special.

All shades of natural cashmere ponchos These cashmere blend ponchos are so gorgeous and totally natural cashmere and wool in all shades of goat and sheep from the lightest grey/white to the darkest brown and grey. Because they are natural they have small flecks of other colours making them a marl or combination of fibres and colours. Truly sumptuous! Check out our Collection of Natural Un-dyed Ponchos




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