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Jump for Joy! Summer's Here!

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Jump for Joy! Summer's Finally here!

It felt like a long old winter this year but finally we get a blast of summer. Wow enough to make you dig out the trampoline and admire the early summer growth in the garden with a glass of wine or two!

Longing for balmier climes? Don't forget to pack your cashmere poncho! Most people think cashmere is just for winter but it isn't. It will be the most indispensable item in your holiday suitcase.

  • So useful as an evening cover-up when the sun goes down
  • Snuggle down into your poncho on the plane - so comfortable
  • So light and cosy it hardly takes any space in your suitcase
  • So elegant and stylish and right on trend
  • So many beautiful summer colours to choose from: pink, ivory, lime, green, turquoise, coral and navy

Get yours now and grab 10% Off your first order whilst summer stocks last.

Click here: http://ow.ly/ZCzH300xX2K




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