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Cashmere & Wool Ponchos Autumn Winter Collection

Cashmere & Wool Ponchos Autumn Collection

 Welcome to our Autumn and Winter collection of beautiful handcrafted cashmere and wool ponchos.

Here we herald the changing seasons with our stunning new colours replicating the seasonal shifts of nature - warm chocolate browns, olive greens, chestnuts, rusts and burnt oranges for autumn and cool teal, baby airey blue, deep and bright reds and snakeskin greys for winter.

 These handmade ponchos are genuine export quality with a high 50% cashmere content. Yes that is a very high cashmere content for the price! We buy direct from our cottage manufacturers in Nepal who scour the markets for the best cashmere and wool yarns.

The yarns are spun from the soft downy hair of the cashmere goat and sheep's wool. The goats are sheared once a year and the down is collected for spinning into luxurious cashmere yarn. Goat hair and down is highly-prized and expensive as it takes 2 years to get enough down to make a jumper. So don't go believing all those ads claiming 100% cashmere for peanuts!

Our cashmere and wool ponchos are so warm and cosy for snuggling down into in the cooler evenings. They are elegant and drape beautifully. Our customers are always telling me about the compliments they receive. 

Wear them casually over jeans or over smart dress and evening wear too.

Each sale of our cashmere ponchos goes direct to helping small producers in Nepal who were completely devastated after the Nepal earthquake last year.

We love our cashmere ponchos and hope you will too!